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Wassup yall!!

Its bin a turbulent year for everybody, for me a recording artist and live performer, living with the repercussions of the covid crisis it’s no different from others who are out of a part of their income because of the crisis.
And it was pretty tough in the first couple months to come to terms with the fact that live performances are not going to happen for a while.
Not to even mention the financial blow.

I really missed that part of making/ performing music which was also kinda of what I build my career around.
And of course the social contact part with people, promoters etc and direct interaction with the fans and supporters of my music .

When my debut dropped in 2012 we never really stopped touring and after that the pattern also became: make an album do the tour, repeat.
I also made great music during this time but sometimes I got stuck in the process of getting the perfect recording and getting everything right. Now I realize also through working with different people in the passed few months, that my process was slowing me down and I was getting hung up too much in the details instead of letting it flow, recording sometimes became a burden instead of fun.
I also had the habit of over listening my music when I was making it, looking for perfection.
I was happy with the tracks I made for the most part ..but I wanted more and better.

Because of the crisis I kinda of came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t getting everything out of myself thats possible, and I had to re evaluate my relationship with my creativity.
Since the pressure of doing all the shows was off I started writing more lyrics and recording way more often as well.

And then it just kinda happend .. it was a bit like a button switched in my head and then rest came by itself.
So since 2 months plus now I have been in the zone and every track that I make has something really special that I cant wait to share with you all. It feels like some back to the essence type of thing but with a different level and understanding of the craft.
In no time I went from 1 really dope track every 2 to 3 weeks.
To 1 or 2 dope tracks every week ..most of it is really on the fly feel the vibe on the spot type of shit.
And we all know what they say about those.

So right now I got 8 projects in the works, not to even mention what all the people around me are doing!
So the stream of music is def going to keep flowing in the next year or so.
Big shout out to my peoples HVZ and all the dope emcees here in my area and the world!
My new EP entitled Blast Masta Blab produced by SQB, will come out on Vinyl and Digitally on December 4th 2020
The pre order for the record will start 20 November 2020.
And ohyeah …people better strap in for when we CAN do the shows again 🙂
Bless yall

Stay tuned and healthy!

Peace & love



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