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So its March 2020 the 3rd week, me and doop are getting ready for our trip to Santiago to shoot the video for my new EP with SQB and do a little show.
Even though we have have been planning this trip way in advance im a little nervous.
Im following the shit on the news about corona reaching Europe …but my thoughts were telling me: as long as my flights are not canceled it should be safe and we are going.
Next day I get a email from KLM saying our flights have been canceled, funny thing was it wasn’t because of corona but something with the plane itself..thinking back I probably should taken the chance to get my money back for the flights and say ….oke its better not to go ….but at that point canceling the trip over it was not in my mind ..I was determined to go and didn’t really imagine that it would get as bad as it got.

So I rebooked the flights, I remember that in the back of my mind I thought about a conversation me and doop had in februari about corona ..and I remember saying ”man this corona shit is gonna fuck with us mark my words” sure enough I was right.
It was already kinda strange when we entered Chile.
A more extensive custom control the people were dressed in white doctors coats and mouth masks.
a lady is asking me where I flew from …I had to think for a sec and answered …I flew from Paris cause that was where the connecting flight was..oka tienes que estar en cuarentena por 2 semanas I hear her say …quarantine for 2 weeks…wtf? I took my stuff and moved on.. I got 2 pieces of paper in my hand one that says I got checked and the other with a number to call if I have bad symtoms.
To my right doop is talking to another lady at the customs ….where are you flying from? ..Doop says: the Netherlands …oke no quarantine for you…I was laughing a bit but the shit was a bit crazy. ..people seemed scared and the vibe was a bit sketchy.
We arrive at SQB and everything seemed fine.
the next day tho the news exploded and corona was all over Europe and also starting in south america
Flights started getting canceled and countries started closing their borders.

It sucked because it ment we had keep an eye on the information coming out and also the flights, making it a bit hard to relax completely.
Next up SQB got a call saying the show we had had been canceled because all events and parties are now prohibited.
Damn…at that point we realized what we kind of already knew…the shit was serious and it was gonna take a long time before it was gonna be over.
I also got a phone call that dookies father passed away from Corona.
At that point I thought…maybe it was better to have stayed at home ..I felt sad and a bit disheartened ..there was also some news coming through about people being trapped in peru and other countries…. but I faced the facts that we were already there and I realized those thoughts were not helping…so I got myself back on the horse and decided we have to make the best of the trip anyway.

So me and doop went out with Bmontes and Paco in the Quilycura neighborhood in Santiago Norte to shoot some shots…and try to forget about the world thats on fire for a couple hours.
The day after we also went downtown with the guys to have lunch film some stuff and pick up these custom made 5 panel caps made from polo sport gear. (instagram: @goldrush_custom)
A guy made em specially for us, Im wearing that red cap in some of the scooter shots in the video.

In the meantime the crisis was getting worse and we decided it was a good idea to shorten the trip and take a flight back a few days sooner.
So we had one last barbecue with the guys and filmed some scooter scenes with this guy named Raviotta whom I smoked mad weed with every time he came over to SQB, the vibe was right and we enjoyed.

Next day we went to the airport 5 hours before our flight just in case because we were told that waiting times were twice as long as usual.
Also there was quite a bit confusion wether our flight still existed or not ..because the airport website itself said it was canceled.
the shit was stressful and my wife was also crazy worried..I could hear it in her voice on the phone but she wasn’t trying to show it in any other way so she kept the spirits up.
The new flight plan was to San Paollo Brazil wait there for 9 hours and re connect on a flight to Paris and connect to a flight back to Amsterdam.
Mind you Brazil was the only country that hadn’t closed its borders yet or implemented quarantine rules.
I guess we have to thank that corrupt bastard Bolsanarro a little bit for that ….nah fuck that guy.

Anyway after the flight to brazil and a couple of long ass hours in a smoking lounge we got on a flight to Paris, funny thing was that our seats also upgraded for some reason.
Anyway after arriving in Paris it was crazy busy and only half the airport staff was working we were basically stuck in a hall with 400 other people close together it sucked.
we finally made it through the security and realized we missed our flight.
Luckily they let us right on the next flight.
I tell you I have never been on such a empty ass plane in my life haha I had 4 rows for my self.. good shit..
I was happy to make it back to Amsterdam and my wife was waiting to pick us up.. I hugged her tight… we were home…in our minds the full repercussions of the covid crisis were still not really dawning ..but it was clear that this Chile trip would be the last in a long while.
Also after the stressy trip I was cured from the travel shit for a while….not for long I would miss the hell out of it.
Looking back im super happy that we went to Chile in March even thought it was maybe even a bit irresponsible and stupid considering the circumstances
we shot a awesome video and RARA refined it even more in the edit, make sure you follow the channel on instagram @RARA.universe
check the vid and also check out the full Blast Masta Blab EP links below:

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